When all is said and done…

Life on earth is a process of our spiritual evolvement and all the gifts (including any spiritual partnership of all sorts) that will be bestowed on us to help us continue to evolve while getting our needs met at every level. The “manual to life on earth” is “divine guidance” which is given moment to moment when we ask for it or when we reach a stage where we can trust our soul’s guidance (our intuition)and is well received when we are present. 

Some Posts now opened for comments

28th November, 2017: Please only take what resonates with you. Please also note that I will be limiting my one on one contact until further notice. Much love to all.

12th April, 2017: Updated to reflect the opinions of others. If you prefer to email me for a one on one conversation instead of making a public comment, please contact me/continue to contact me at: contact@selfmasterytrueselfempowerment.com

Original post:… People have been emailing me with their comments both to my personal email and the email for the blog found on the “About me” page. I think all of the comments made are worthy of sharing to a larger audience as we can all learn from other’s experiences or take comfort when knowing that others are going through a similar experience. So I have opened up most of the posts for comments. Please feel free to share your thoughts, experiences etc. that are relevant to each post with others by commenting in the space provided. All are welcomed. Much love to all.

Choose to empower yourself rather than succumb to defeat

Sometimes we are put in “what may appear to us as harsh” situations for us to recognize our true gifts and talents. Choose the best steps to empower yourself from this situation and it will open up new possibilities and experiences in your life which would serve you well on your journey ahead. Always make the choice to empower yourself rather than succumb to defeat of any sort, the likes of self pity etc.

Meeting needs in an interdependent relationship

Meeting someone else’s needs:-  Giving them what they truly want from us for them to “be at home” and not necessarily what we want to give to them. Consider this carefully as we tend to think that we are meeting someone else’s needs when we give them what we think they want even if this may not be what they truly want from us at a particular time. So be cognizant of each other’s needs to “be at home” in any interdependent relationship.

Allow others to also change for the better

We should not hold people to their “mistakes” of the past if they have changed or are showing signs that they are willing to change for the better. We too would not like others to hold us to our “mistakes” if we have grown and move on from the state that we were in at the time of the “mistake”. In other words, allow others the space to change for the better and try to understand them from their current, changed state and not from their previous state. Doing so also shows growth on our end. See the post on “Emotional Maturity” for more on this.

Savor the process to getting there

While it’s important for us to focus and work on our dreams, it’s equally important for us to enjoy the process to getting there, one moment at a time. Being grateful for where we are in the process helps us to be in that state where we can enjoy the moment and hence enjoy the process. Patience comes from enjoying the moment. Impatience comes from focusing only on the dreams and ignoring the joy that can come from the process.

Saying sorry to another is ultimately about us

It’s beneficial to us when we say to another that we are sorry if our action toward them was not of our highest form as it would not have produced the results that was in alignment with our highest aspirations. Saying that we are sorry gives us a second chance to achieve that optimal results. Remember, we are all a work in progress.