Embrace your greatness in the right perspective 

Feel the need to compare yourself to others? Don’t sell yourself short. Compare yourself to your own greatness which is there inside of you waiting to come out when you fully master yourself. Your greatness is the achievement of your highest aspirations. Embrace this with the right energy as this also applies to everyone.

Take the good message received to navigate smoothly forward

When faced with any situation, ask the question, “what is the good that I need to take from this?” and be still to receive the answer. You will know what it is when it feels right. If you don’t see it, feel it or are led to it right away, calm those negative thoughts until they are gone, then be still and ask again.

But we don’t live in a vacuum…

Don’t force anything or anyone to fit your schedule. They too have to go at their pace. If it is necessary then negotiate with love and understanding of your and their situation. We don’t have to be “right”. We just have to do what’s best for us to move smoothly along our journey and sometimes it means compromising to get a good relationship with others which will make us happy or provide some means of fulfillment. If you feel the need to be “right” in any sort of negotiations instead of trying to reach the best solution for all parties involved (which includes you), then turn your love on yourself and take time to reflect on what needs to be addressed.