When your actions also mean blessings for others

Focus more on what you will gain from your action and less on what others will gain from it. Set all of your natural energies on maximizing your outcome and detach lovingly from focusing on what others will gain from your action by wishing them well with their blessing for it is meant for them. Do this and you will view the likes of interest payments on loans from institutions differently for these are their blessings and will most likely mean someone keeping their job. Embody this concept in all situations and your energies will purify and be at peak strength which will help you to manifest your outcome.

Overcoming that feeling of “rejection” when relating

If we want others to let us be our true selves and allow us to put ourselves first, we too need to allow others to be true to themselves and put themselves first. If we ask of something from another even if through advising them we owe it to them to take the action that will put themselves first even if it means saying no to us or not taking our advice. For it is them who is ultimately responsible for their actions regardless of the trigger. If their actions feel like a rejection to you then you’re taking it personally, examine this again and direct your love to yourself at this time.

Everything starts with how we feel

We are to ourselves what we feel. If we feel happy, we are happy; if we feel classy, we are classy; if we feel accomplished, we are accomplished – for only we know our true feelings, our true desires, our highest aspirations and what will truly fulfill us. We are therefore the most powerful to always make us feel the best about ourselves. Always take control of this.

Observing our intentions before we act

There are energies behind our intentions so we need to purify them before we act, before we transmit them so that they can be received at their best. If we are saying that someone does not deserve what is given to/meant for them with our intentions then we are sending out the energies that we do not deserve what is meant for us. They deserve what is given to/meant for them just as we deserve what is meant for us. So start being happy for others for what is given to/meant for them and you will further clear your energies to attract what is meant for you.

Maintaining that healthy state

Continue to trust completely in God and ask him to help you learn how to receive graciously, for you have to receive first before you can give to yourself and others. Release any fear or doubt to God so that your energies become clear and you become your most powerful to attract your solution, yes that which is the best for you. Try to always keep in mind that God is in charge over mankind, it will help you keep your fears at bay. This you already know so this is just a trigger to your remembrance.

Prepping to receive graciously

I believe one of the ways that God sends his guidance/answers/reinforcements to us is through our intuition/gut feelings. Being in the spiritually healthy state of “letting go and letting God and trusting that he is in charge” helps us to receive these guidance/answers/reinforcements  without fear or doubt. I also believe that sometimes he sends guidance/reinforcements/answers through others in any of the various forms of communication. Being in the spiritually healthy state of  “love” helps us to receive these guidance/answers/reinforcements from others without judgment. We just have to set aside time daily to work on being in a healthy state to receive graciously from any conduit…

Stop to refuel regularly

Just stop and love only yourself right now to refuel your energy to give to yourself first and then to others. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for doing a good job. Remember, things may not happen overnight for it is a process. But the process gets shorter as your energies get cleared and hence stronger. Also, allow any person close to you to do the same, if they need to, for they too have to refuel to satisfy their needs first so that they can give to you what you want from them. Be good to both you and them.