Let “pure love” be the basis of your action

Let “love for the good that it will bring to you and/or another” be the basis of your action and all else will fall into place, for “God is Love”. So find the time and “sacred” space to be in a “state of love”. Make this a daily priority as this state will help you act from love and maximize your manifestations. See the related blog, “Stop to refuel regularly”.

Always make the choice that would put you in your highest standing

Stop for a few seconds to acknowledge and be grateful for who you are and where you are on your journey. Make the choice to move forward in the healthy state of joy and happiness. We may not always be in control of the circumstances in our lives nor our instinctive reactions to those circumstances. But we are in control of how we react beyond our instinctive reactions. Always choose the choice that would put you in your purest and highest standing. Remember, take control of your quality of life… see the related blog, “Taking control of our quality of life”.

Put your “loss” in a healthy perspective to heal

On losing someone close to you, your period of sadness or pain can be reduced when you are in the healthy state where you can be happy that they are in a better place. It is about their journey and you should want what’s best for them. Most times our sadness from the loss is based on our co-dependency of some sort on them which goes away when we truly master ourselves. Regardless of the reason for the loss, if we cannot be at the state of unconditional love for them or forgiveness to them and ourselves then we are only carrying forward unnecessary and damaging baggages along our journey. Remember, sometimes things have to end before there can be progress along our journey. Whatever you did for them was your best based on your level of consciousness. Whatever they did for you was their best given their level of consciousness. So forgive both yourself and them as you both deserve to be forgiven and you both deserve unconditional love. Take the good and lessons learned from the previous situation and navigate smoothly forward.