Choose wisely

Choose wisely. Do “what makes you happy” OVER “what you think you should do”. That “which makes you happy” comes from your soul. That “what you think you should do” comes from your ego and can trigger fear based reactions. That “what comes from your soul” knows the direct path to your destiny. Choose “the direct path to your destiny” i.e. that “which is right and meant for you” OVER “what you think you should do” i.e. that “which can go wrong before going back on your direct path to your destiny”. Listen to your soul before choosing. Your soul knows, that “what you call your intuition/inner knowing”…. So only you know what makes you happy and therefore you should rely on that to make your decision as that knows best.

Let “love” be the currency and store it in abundance

Our blessings are not necessarily how much readily available money we have in our possession but it is what we are able to fulfill (i.e. that which gives us pure joy) at any given moment. We can always have an “abundance of love” in store which when used purely can create and manifest abundance of other sorts including the availability of money to fulfill our current desires/dreams that are meant for us. So let “love” be the currency and use it for the good of yourself and others then let the other abundance come to you in divine, right timing. Start by putting love into everything you do for yourself and others.