Create light to remove the fear of the dark

Where there is a fear of the dark, create “light” in every sense – let in natural light where possible, turn on the electrical light where needed, seek information to understand, trust and illuminate with your love. For what’s in the “dark” is exactly the same as when we turn on the “light”. The difference is that we cannot see in the dark and so we develop a fear of what we cannot see, the unknown. So create “light” to remove the fear of the “dark”.

It’s all part of the journey

When making a change to support growth on our journey, many questions may arise from the sudden change. Give due respect to both you and them by detaching lovingly as both your and their reactions are part of each of our journey and the karma from your and their reactions is to help us with the lessons that we need to learn. Focus your love on yourself if you cannot detach lovingly from the situation.

What does it mean to acknowledge God in our life

Acknowledging God in our lives goes beyond how we treat ourselves. It’s about recognizing that each of us will go through our own unique experiences in our journey of life and giving the relevant due; it’s about wishing ourselves well and the same for all others on their journey of life for no two journeys are the same nor any is better; it’s about thriving to always be in a state of love and gratitude so that our intentions are pure and our manifestations optimal…