Ways in which we can create our own stress…

1. Focusing and obsessing about the negative outcomes in the world when we can’t do anything about it. Instead, focus on the positive. Focus only on the negative, if we are working on a solution to remove it.

2. Not taking control of how we feel. If we feel accomplished, we are accomplished; if we feel we can achieve it, we can achieve it; if we feel we are happy, we are happy – for only we know our true feelings, our true desires, our highest aspirations and what will truly fulfill us. We are therefore the most powerful to always make us feel the best about ourselves. So stop giving this power away by caring what others think about you more than you think of you.

3. Not stopping to refuel regularly. See the related post in this blog, “ Stop to refuel regularly”.

4. Trying to do it alone without help from others. It’s ok to ask for help, delegate and oversee when possible or to accept help from others when the load is too much for  us. We don’t have to do it all on our own. If you are spiritual, then ask also for divine inspiration. Then trust and accept that what arises is the best outcome for you, at this time.

5. Always wanting to be seen as perfect by others’ standards. We are here to be authentic and true to ourselves. It’s ok to put our imperfections out there. We all have imperfections of some sort and none is worse than the other.

6. Not making “being happy” a priority. See the related blog, “ how to get in the habit of staying happy”…

7. Trying to be something we’re not. If it sparkles doesn’t mean it’s better. Being true to ourselves reduces stress as it makes us happier.

How to get in the habit of staying happy 

When we experience a low it’s important for us to learn how to quickly shift back into a healthy state, for our own sake and for our own happiness. In other words, we have to not get too comfortable in our self pity as this can sink our moods even lower and make it harder for us to get back to normal.  

Try not to avoid facing your truth as this can develop an addiction to avoiding it or you can become disenchanted. So go within and find the truth behind the sadness that is attributed to you and face it. Ask yourself, “why am I feeling like this?” or “why did I do this?” and spend some time in introspection and listen to your intuition for the answers. 

One of the most powerful cures of sadness is to learn how to be grateful for whatever is. It gives you patience, it helps you to give yourself some needed love, it helps you to enjoy the moment. 

Engage regularly in activities that brings you deep soul enjoyment that is not dependent on anyone to fulfill it, for example painting, cooking, writing, etc. This gives you the purest and highest highs that can uplift your moods and can be accomplished whenever you want it. 

Try to dedicate time to stay grounded and to be at a high vibration. Go out in nature. Also, see related posts on this blog. 

On a spiritual side, develop a relationship with Spirit/Source/God/Universe or whatever represents the highest, purest source of power for you and get in the habit of asking for his divine guidance and learning how to hear and follow his answers. Then trust and have faith in him for he will always deliver what’s best for you. 

Creating the best life we desire…

To create the best life we desire takes our highest level of creativity to be able to combine in the right way the following about ourselves:

1. being clear about our dreams
2. knowing our talents and shortcomings 

3. being able to be comfortable being our authentic self

4. knowing how to stay in our own lane and knowing what we have to offer to the world as this is where we will shine and where we will experience prosperity.

5. Knowing how to take into consideration the spiritual and emotional aspects of life.

Aligning to our own dreams…

Life is there for us to live our own dreams and not to live it through others. It must be with a freedom of expression of our true nature and desires and not about compromising in any shape or form to fit in. It is not about attaching to a label to derive some form of ownership or identity as everyone should be his or her owner and should derive his or her own identity from their own true nature. It should also be from the perspective of allowing the individual soul to “be” so any relationship or alignment of any sort should be in support of each individual, free expression. But it’s a process to get to this level of living and it’s ours for the taking when we first align ourselves with our own TRUTH.

Our life purpose…

Our dreams and aspirations are pointing to our life purpose. The gift of “our ideas in combination with our continued effort and along with the energies of our passion/desires and intentions” will be reciprocated by the Universe by aligning opportunities and meetings to bring us the success, fulfillment and more. Everything is an exchange of energies so we benefit from keeping our intentions pure for goodwill in all of its forms comes back to us tenfold.
See all posts below for supporting insights. 

Being in your “true power” and resilience to negative energies from others…

When you’re in your “true power” you would come to recognize and embrace that … 

  • How people treat you is a reflection of their hearts and it has nothing to do with you.
  • You will love yourself enough to set up healthy boundaries when dealing with negative energies from others which would also include walking away from the situation, at times.
  • You would love yourself enough to send them love from afar to help you to completely detach from the toxic situation and to help keep your vibrations high (part of your true power), and also with the understanding that their behavior is the best that they can do given their level of spiritual maturity.

Your “True Power”…

Your “True Power”…

  1. Living as Your truth or true self/best version of yourself 
  2. Truly loving and embracing all that is you
  3. Following your soul’s guidance or your intuition or inner knowing
  4. When you let “Love, in all of its manifestations, be your beacon” …for The Great Divine is Love and therefore you will be living in the nature of the Great Divine.

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