About me – Joycelyn Marshall

I am at the stage of my life where I have mastered myself and am in control of my total fulfillment. I am now living as my true self and all that is naturally and joyfully “me”. All of my past experiences and relationships of all sorts have helped in bringing me to this level of being. I always look for the lessons in any situation regardless of whether it may seem to be a “bad” situation and I always look at situations or outcomes from the highest perspective i.e.  that which can enable me to grow or to move on in love so that I can release any negative energy which will help me keep my vibrations high. I always try to bring myself to a state of love and gratitude as I am my most powerful in this state. I created this blog to share whatever insights come to me and whoever needs this will be led to this as I believe we all have messages for each other, whether these messages serve as new information or just reminders to keep us on our right life path. Since these are my purest thoughts then my natural energies and pure intentions will add a unique and pure transmission on how they are received. 

If you need to contact me on anything related to the posts in the blog, please do so via email at: contact@selfmasterytrueselfempowerment.com

Much love to all…