About me – Joycelyn Marshall

I am a Life Mentor, Investor and a Philanthropist on my Life Purpose Path and in my 57th year in this Lifetime. I am at the stage of my life where I am now living as my true empowered Source self and all that is me. I always look for the lessons in any situation as I always look at situations or outcomes from the highest perspective i.e. that which can enable me to grow or to move on in love so that I can release any negative energy and keep my energy and thoughts on the highest ground. I always try to bring myself to a state of love and gratitude as this gives me the serenity to make good choices which helps me to be empowered.

I believe that at the core of anything good or bad is the individual’s state of being. So I focus my Life mentoring and philanthropic efforts on helping the individual to empower their true Source self and to be at their highest state.

I created this blog to share my insights and solutions that successfully helped me to be at my highest state and whoever needs this will be led to this as I believe we all have messages for each other. If these messages resonate as new information or just reminders can only be determined by the recipient.

If you need to contact me on anything related to the posts in the blog, please do so via email at: contact@selfmasterytrueselfempowerment.com

Much love to all…

Last Updated 3/2018.