Some Posts now opened for comments

28th November, 2017: Please only take what resonates with you. Please also note that I will be limiting my one on one contact until further notice. Much love to all.

12th April, 2017: Updated to reflect the opinions of others. If you prefer to email me for a one on one conversation instead of making a public comment, please contact me/continue to contact me at:

Original post:… People have been emailing me with their comments both to my personal email and the email for the blog found on the “About me” page. I think all of the comments made are worthy of sharing to a larger audience as we can all learn from other’s experiences or take comfort when knowing that others are going through a similar experience. So I have opened up most of the posts for comments. Please feel free to share your thoughts, experiences etc. that are relevant to each post with others by commenting in the space provided. All are welcomed. Much love to all.

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